‘Aboriginal Supremacy Rebounds On The Media’

So, back in the swing of things with a racist rant from aboriginal women engaged in an illegal protest on Parliament Hill. The only redeeming aspect of this is that the unprovoked verbal assault was directed at an aboriginal-sympathetic ‘CBC’ reporter. Irony abounds. The CBC reporter wanted them to say that Trudeau was an improvement on Harper. Instead, she – and the male reporter who tried to civilly ask a similar question, were arrogantly lectured about how they were “guests here” — the ridiculous racist claim that the descendants of Siberian settlers own all of Canada. Of course, the CBC didn’t set them straight on this foolishness, much less call them out on their blatant racism. And the Prime Minister? Well, he avoided the issue, like always {See below}.
Welcome to Canada – 150 years in…

“A group of ‘indigenous’ {descendants of Siberian settlers} demonstrators who have been protesting on Parliament Hill held a press conference today that quickly descended into racist rants directed at reporters Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Supremacy Rebounds On The Media’


‘Saving The Planet’

“A young Inuit woman addressed the assembly at the ‘UN Conference on Climate Change’ in Marrakesh…on Canada’s behalf. 

“According to the ‘National Post’, the Canadian delegation in Marrakesh comprised 17 representatives from various ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} groups.

“Maatalii Okalik, president of the ‘Inuit Youth Council’, accompanied Minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna to the ‘22nd Conference of the Parties on Climate Change’ (COP 22) where she pleaded for the world leaders to take native communities into account. 

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‘Defying Canada’

“Canadian aboriginal groups and their allies said…they ‘have the power’ to block proposed oil pipelines on land where they have ‘proven title’, dismissing comments by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau {and the Supreme Court} , who said no community has a veto. 

“Trudeau told ‘Reuters’…that unanimous consent is not needed for the government to approve pipeline projects to bring Canadian oil to market, even as he pledged consultation with aboriginals and environmentalists who oppose projects.  Continue reading ‘Defying Canada’


‘Playing Political Games With Children’s Lives’

“Amid political pressure, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sent a letter to the chief of Attawapiskat ‘First Nation’ – the ‘beleaguered’ Ontario community that has made headlines around the globe due to its suicide crisis – to offer a meeting in Ottawa.

“Trudeau’s letter comes after the reserve’s chief and the New Democrat MP for the area, Charlie Angus, requested the prime minister reach out to the community as it continues to grapple with ongoing trauma and the lack of a permanent mental health worker.

{So, why not just send them a “permanent mental health worker” as well as a few ‘temps’ and get on with it, instead of political grandstanding over children’s lives?}  Continue reading ‘Playing Political Games With Children’s Lives’


‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’

“Alberta wants to develop more? Well, we will be there to stand in the way.”

“Athabasca Chipewyan Chief Allan Adams {leader of a ‘nation’ of 463 people} stormed out of the meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premiers, and ‘indigenous’ leaders on ‘climate change’ in Vancouver on March 2nd, because he said it fell to shambles.

“I think Canada’s in a ‘crisis’ and it ain’t going to get any better now. Canada failed terribly, the provinces failed terribly in regards to addressing this issue”, said an infuriated Adam.

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‘Liberals Missing $2.6 Billion’

“Officials at ‘Indigenous Affairs’ are continuing to block questions to Minister Carolyn Bennett on the fate of her party’s $2.6 billion promise on ‘First Nation’ education — which was based on money that didn’t exist…

“In an interview following her appearance before the Commons ‘Aboriginal affairs’ committee, Bennett refused to answer questions from an ‘APTN National News’ reporter on whether the Liberal government found the expected leftover funds on which the party based its education promise.

“I think we, what are we saying? There are, I don’t know whether I can say”, said Bennett. “We are going to make sure it’s funded properly and we’ll find the details…”

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‘Trudeau Misses The Point’

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a change in culture is needed within Canadian police forces to ensure ‘indigenous people’ are treated the same as everyone else.

{Wouldn’t that be nice! And it could start with the arrests of numerous aboriginal offenders in Caledonia, as well as Shawn Brant and his cronies, and the organizers of blockades, etc. Oh, wait — i’ve been informed that’s not what he meant…}

“Trudeau told a CBC forum Sunday night that a “pervasive culture” in police forces, governments and religious communities has led to ‘indigenous people’ being ‘less valued’. He said that culture must be changed and he predicted the push for change will come from the Canadian people.

“The CBC event involved Trudeau taking questions from a number of people — picked by the public broadcaster — who queried the prime minister on topics including the economy, terrorism and relations with aboriginal people.

“He spoke about the plight of ‘indigenous people’ in response to questions from a woman whose aunt went missing in Vancouver and whose cousin went missing in Kamloops, B.C. The questions included how police have handled investigations into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

“Trudeau said “indigenous lives matter” and he promised major changes will be made in Canada’s relationship with ‘indigenous people’. He said some of those changes will take years, and in some case decades, but he vowed that life will get better for aboriginal people.

“Trudeau said the first order of business will be to fulfill his promise of an inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women that will hear from everybody involved, especially the victims’ families.”

{If only it would use Rules of Evidence and be conducted by outsiders… Then, it might actually serve a purpose other than shaming Canada further, into paying more money to aboriginals…}  Continue reading ‘Trudeau Misses The Point’