‘Rationalizing Racism On Reserves’

An Aboriginal Industry article trying to justify racism on aboriginal reserves:

‘Who belongs on a reserve? ‘First Nations’ will decide’ 

“In recent months, the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) community of Kahnawake has re-opened discussion on its controversial {racist} 1984 membership law. The renewed debate has been accompanied by provocative developments: Protests outside homes, eviction notices sent to “foreign” residents, accusations of racism from the {former} Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, and a lawsuit challenging the membership law in court.

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‘This is Ridiculous!’

“Ron Swain, vice-chief with the ‘Congress of Aboriginal Peoples’, told Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan during consultations with ‘indigenous’ groups Wednesday that aboriginal communities deserve the same rights as provincial governments {!?!}, which have the authority under the ‘National Defence Act’ to call in the military to fight civil unrest and during other crises. 

“We believe, in protecting our ‘sovereign territory’ and our issues around environmental concerns, we should be able to trigger the same response and have ‘our Armed Forces’ defending our treaties and ‘our territories’ {otherwise known as ‘Canada’},”

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‘End the Charade’

‘Cha·rade’ (Shəˈrād): “An absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.” and “Something that is done in order to pretend something is true, when it really isn’t.” 

“The drums continue to beat hard all over North America for “Native Rights”, a code-phrase for ambitions to claim vast tracts of land — up to 85% of some provinces — ‘natives’ say was wrongly appropriated. Unless it is stopped, millions of us will soon have new ‘landlords’… Many of these claims are being settled administratively, or in quiet courtrooms out of the public eye. No public consultation. No means of protest.  Continue reading ‘End the Charade’

‘Chief Wants More Money’

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day continues his push for a ‘partnership’ in the Ontario economy: 

‘We Need To Be Full Partners in All Future Economic Growth through Treaty, ‘Inherent’ and Land Rights, Says Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day’

“This is the 166th anniversary of the signing of the ‘Robinson Huron Treaty’ {See below}. The lands and waters around Lakes Huron and Superior provided the resources for European settlers to farm, fish, mine and trade with our Peoples. The rich resources of our lands {and all the hard work, ingenuity and investment brought by Europeans and other immigrants from around the world} allowed the future economic growth of what would later become the Province of Ontario and the country of Canada.  Continue reading ‘Chief Wants More Money’

‘A Licence To Break The Law’

Canadians are puzzled by police refusal to arrest aboriginal road, rail and pipeline blockaders, or government office occupiers. However, this two-tiered, racially-biased policing can be traced back at least 40 years. Here’s an analysis of some 1970s’ lawlessness produced by an Aboriginal Industry activist and anti-Canadian who is, of course, employed by a taxpayer-supported Canadian university: 

“When approximately thirty members of the ‘Idle No More’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements entered the ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs (‘I’NAC) office in Toronto on April 13, 2016…the group, calling itself ‘#OccupyINAC’ was drawing on long-established political strategies.

“‘Indigenous’ peoples have occupied Indian Affairs offices before.  Continue reading ‘A Licence To Break The Law’

‘More Government Discrimination…’

‘Ontario strikes deal to sell ‘Hydro One’ shares to ‘First Nations’

“‘First Nations’ in Ontario will get the chance to buy shares in ‘Hydro One’ {an offer good for only one race of people, and paid for with money ‘borrowed’ from Ontario taxpayers}, a public utility the ‘Liberal’ government has partially privatized.

The government says it has reached an agreement in principle with the province’s ‘First Nations’ to loan them up to $268 million to buy up to 15 million shares at $18 per share. That is above the province’s book value, but below the $24-to-$26 range the stock has been trading in recent months.

“If ratified, Ontario would sell the shares to a new {Race Based} investment vehicle owned collectively by ‘First Nations’, and provide seed capital of up to $45 million over three years {Wow, it looks like the Ontario government is just drowning in money – all of it borrowed… P.S. Is that ‘seed capital’ also a loan (with interest), or a ‘gift’?} Continue reading ‘More Government Discrimination…’

‘Government and ‘first nations’ Are NOT Equals’

Doug Cuthand describes himself as “a Saskatchewan writer, journalist and independent film producer”. Nowhere does he mention his role as an Aboriginal Industry propagandist — which is a role he often occupies, thanks to Canadian media:

‘Governments must treat ‘First Nations’ as equals in negotiations’

“‘First Nations’ were in court yet again last week, and the results continue to strengthen our position as self-governing ‘nations’ {but you’re not. This specific issue has been dealt with both legally and Constitutionally and yet, you keep pushing…} and the need for provincial and federal governments to do proper consultation if they expect to bring ‘First Nations’ into Canada as equals {The only equality is as individual Canadian citizens. Otherwise, you are trying to divide Canada based on race, and that is deserving of contempt…} Continue reading ‘Government and ‘first nations’ Are NOT Equals’