‘When Will It End?’

It would seem that ‘Reconciliation’ ISN’T about bringing us closer together as fellow Canadians, but about recognizing our differences and further enshrining them. Our federal government, dominated by the billion-dollar Aboriginal Industry, is negotiating EVEN MORE Treaties, rather than ending this anachronistic practice once and for all. But don’t worry – it’s only going to cost Canadians more money…and another little piece of our country governed by different rules than the rest of Canada, with rights based on race/ethnicity.

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‘Aboriginal Supremacy Rebounds On The Media’

So, back in the swing of things with a racist rant from aboriginal women engaged in an illegal protest on Parliament Hill. The only redeeming aspect of this is that the unprovoked verbal assault was directed at an aboriginal-sympathetic ‘CBC’ reporter. Irony abounds. The CBC reporter wanted them to say that Trudeau was an improvement on Harper. Instead, she – and the male reporter who tried to civilly ask a similar question, were arrogantly lectured about how they were “guests here” — the ridiculous racist claim that the descendants of Siberian settlers own all of Canada. Of course, the CBC didn’t set them straight on this foolishness, much less call them out on their blatant racism. And the Prime Minister? Well, he avoided the issue, like always {See below}.
Welcome to Canada – 150 years in…

“A group of ‘indigenous’ {descendants of Siberian settlers} demonstrators who have been protesting on Parliament Hill held a press conference today that quickly descended into racist rants directed at reporters Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Supremacy Rebounds On The Media’

‘Ungrateful Chief Snubs Monarchy’

“A ceremony involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, meant to symbolize the {one-sided} reconciliation of British Columbia’s ‘aboriginal peoples’, has been rebuffed by a ‘First Nations’ group. {Which perfectly symbolizes the one-way nature of this so-called ‘reconciliation’…} 

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‘Pushing A False Narrative’

Here is yet another employee of the billion-dollar Aboriginal Industry pushing the greedy, race-based entitlement narrative, wherein the wealth of Canada was stolen – not created by the sacrifice of millions of hard-working Canadians over the last 150 years.

This is not only an an insult to all ‘non-aboriginal’ Canadians, but also insults all of the aboriginals who get up for work every morning. Like me, I’ll bet that you never realized that wealth is created simply by the existence of land and resources – no work necessary! So really, all your effort is a non-factor – at least according to the Aboriginal Industry and its accomplices.

And so, our would-be ‘landlords’ want a cut of everything we do – while they sit back and lecture us on our ‘inherent’ racism because we’re not aboriginal… the Canadian secular version of ‘Original Sin’:

“Canada is a wealthy country because of the land and resources it took from ‘indigenous’ people… If the Canadian government genuinely wishes to work toward reconciliation, then its proposals are going to have to be enormous. They’re going to have to involve land, and they’re going to cost Canada a fortune — the kind of fortune ‘indigenous people’ would have had if their land hadn’t been taken from them.”

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