‘A Licence To Break The Law’

Canadians are puzzled by police refusal to arrest aboriginal road, rail and pipeline blockaders, or government office occupiers. However, this two-tiered, racially-biased policing can be traced back at least 40 years. Here’s an analysis of some 1970s’ lawlessness produced by an Aboriginal Industry activist and anti-Canadian who is, of course, employed by a taxpayer-supported Canadian university: 

“When approximately thirty members of the ‘Idle No More’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements entered the ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs (‘I’NAC) office in Toronto on April 13, 2016…the group, calling itself ‘#OccupyINAC’ was drawing on long-established political strategies.

“‘Indigenous’ peoples have occupied Indian Affairs offices before.  Continue reading ‘A Licence To Break The Law’


‘Manitoba: Another Illegal Blockade’

In the past, when tribes have illegally blockaded Manitoba roadways and Manitoba Hydro, the Province has not only NOT arrested the criminals, but has given in to the extortion. The result – of course – is yet another blockade… 

“Around a dozen people from the Opaskwayak Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 5,315 people} and their supporters have erected a {dangerous and illegal} blockade on a major highway in northern Manitoba, stopping trucks and equipment bound for a massive hydroelectric development project.  Continue reading ‘Manitoba: Another Illegal Blockade’

‘Dealing With Dysfunction’

Instead of accommodating race laws, it would be far better for everyone if industry would release statements to the Canadian people on the ridiculousness of this system, and the limited economic future that awaits Canada if we continue down this path.

The ‘Consult and Accommodate’ dictum is nothing but structural racism and it is historically and legally unjust, based on erroneous rulings from a Supreme Court that puts the earnings of the legal profession ahead of the welfare and future of Canada. It forces companies to deal with {‘bribe’} numerous Band councils, the majority of which are, at worst, dysfunctional, and at best, simply corrupt.

Both the Chief in the story below, and the Supreme Court, need a quick refresher course on the Treaties {in this case, the ‘James Bay Treaty’}, which they – and you – can find immediately after this news story:  Continue reading ‘Dealing With Dysfunction’

‘More Government Discrimination…’

‘Ontario strikes deal to sell ‘Hydro One’ shares to ‘First Nations’

“‘First Nations’ in Ontario will get the chance to buy shares in ‘Hydro One’ {an offer good for only one race of people, and paid for with money ‘borrowed’ from Ontario taxpayers}, a public utility the ‘Liberal’ government has partially privatized.

The government says it has reached an agreement in principle with the province’s ‘First Nations’ to loan them up to $268 million to buy up to 15 million shares at $18 per share. That is above the province’s book value, but below the $24-to-$26 range the stock has been trading in recent months.

“If ratified, Ontario would sell the shares to a new {Race Based} investment vehicle owned collectively by ‘First Nations’, and provide seed capital of up to $45 million over three years {Wow, it looks like the Ontario government is just drowning in money – all of it borrowed… P.S. Is that ‘seed capital’ also a loan (with interest), or a ‘gift’?} Continue reading ‘More Government Discrimination…’

‘Killing energy projects only hurts ‘First Nations’

“The right of ‘First Nations’ to question resource development is not the same as a right to veto much-needed projects.

“‘Energy East’ would be good for New Brunswick, a province that struggles economically. The project would boost the province’s gross domestic product by $6.5 billion, add $850 million in tax revenue and create 3,800 good-paying jobs during the construction phase.

“But its future is in doubt.  Continue reading ‘Killing energy projects only hurts ‘First Nations’

‘Race-Based Control Of Resources?’

‘One in six ‘First Nations’ vows to block pipelines; all claim veto power’ 

“More than 130 ‘First Nations’ {leaders} are dead-set against pipeline and energy development, Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde said Tuesday.

{Would the tribal members also be opposed if it meant no more electricity for their reserves? Where do they expect the power to come from, without any ‘energy development’?}

The rest are demanding an ‘absolute veto’ over any proposed developments before they’ll even begin negotiations with governments and energy companies. And if that slows Canadian energy development to a crawl, so be it.  Continue reading ‘Race-Based Control Of Resources?’

‘Race Based Taxation in Ontario’

The fiscally-challenged Ontario government has for some time provided an OFF-RESERVE (anywhere in the province) provincial sales tax exemption for anyone with an aboriginal ‘status’ card and, needless to say, it’s being used a lot (No figures are available on what this annually costs the Ontario government and taxpayers). From an Ontario Ministry of Finance page: 

‘Ontario ‘First Nations’ Point-of-Sale Exemptions’

“The Ministry of Finance is experiencing an increase in the number and size of refund applications related to the Ontario HST Refund for ‘First Nations’. Processing of these refund applications is taking longer than the ministry’s service standard of 40 business days. Thank you for your patience as we continue to process these claims in an expedient manner.”  Continue reading ‘Race Based Taxation in Ontario’