‘Cowards Burn Canadian Flag’

An unexpected scene took place during this morning’s ‘Canada Day’ parade in Kingston, as a group of masked protesters took to Princess Street to burn a Canadian flag.

The group, which was also carrying a ‘Mohawk Warrior’ flag, quickly ran off as soon as the Canadian flag had burned up. {Video at link below…}  Continue reading ‘Cowards Burn Canadian Flag’


‘Defying Canada’

“Canadian aboriginal groups and their allies said…they ‘have the power’ to block proposed oil pipelines on land where they have ‘proven title’, dismissing comments by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau {and the Supreme Court} , who said no community has a veto. 

“Trudeau told ‘Reuters’…that unanimous consent is not needed for the government to approve pipeline projects to bring Canadian oil to market, even as he pledged consultation with aboriginals and environmentalists who oppose projects.  Continue reading ‘Defying Canada’

‘Making Up Their Own Rules’

After 3 years of hearings, the National Energy Board (NEB) has approved the twinning of the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline. Despite the creation of a separate aboriginal panel earlier this week, there was an immediate response:

“It’s pretty clear to me that we have veto power over this company.”





‘First Nations’ vow to kill Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion with lawsuits’ Continue reading ‘Making Up Their Own Rules’

‘Aboriginal Support For Gas Pipelines’

“Do we want a better life for our people? Yes, we do. How are we going to get it? Not by sitting here waiting for government handouts.”

‘Two more ‘First Nations’ sign agreements over Prince Rupert pipeline’

“’TransCanada’ says the latest signings bring the total number of project agreements signed on the pipeline to 11.

“The Takla Lake ‘First Nation’ and the McLeod Lake Indian Band have signed project agreements with TransCanada over the ‘Prince Rupert Gas Transmission’ (PRGT) project, the company announced this week.

“Other ‘First Nations’ who have signed on to the project include Doig River, Halfway River and Blueberry River ‘First Nations’ in Northeast B.C., along with the Yekooche , Gitanyow, Kitselas, Lake Babine, Metlakatla and Nisga’a Lisims ‘nations’ along the rest of the pipeline’s proposed route.  Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Support For Gas Pipelines’

‘Mohawks Using Race Based Law To Shelter Organized Crime’

‘Police Target Biker-Mohawk Criminal Organization’

“The ‘Surete du Quebec’ say nearly 60 arrests were made Wednesday morning, targeting biker gangs and what they’re calling ‘aboriginal organized crime outfits’, on charges of selling contraband tobacco, drugs, and money laundering. 

“Raids took place in residences and shops, mainly located in the greater Montreal, the Laurentians, Lanaudiere, Monteregie, and on Kahnawake in Quebec, as well as on Six Nations in Ontario.  Continue reading ‘Mohawks Using Race Based Law To Shelter Organized Crime’

‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’

“Alberta wants to develop more? Well, we will be there to stand in the way.”

“Athabasca Chipewyan Chief Allan Adams {leader of a ‘nation’ of 463 people} stormed out of the meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premiers, and ‘indigenous’ leaders on ‘climate change’ in Vancouver on March 2nd, because he said it fell to shambles.

“I think Canada’s in a ‘crisis’ and it ain’t going to get any better now. Canada failed terribly, the provinces failed terribly in regards to addressing this issue”, said an infuriated Adam.

Continue reading ‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’

‘Chiefs Keep Pushing…’

“I’m not sure what science the ‘forces of No’ bring together up there, except that it’s not really about the science… It’s not really about the fish. It’s just about trying to say ‘No’. It’s about fear of change. It’s about a fear of the future.” –Premier Christy Clark

“Native leaders at a national energy forum say a new era of co-operation between ‘First Nations’, resource industries and government is in the making, but they also warned that conflicts over some projects will continue.

“Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the ‘Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs’ told a gathering of native leaders from across Canada on Wednesday that protest camps have been set up on Lelu Island, to oppose a proposed ‘Pacific NorthWest LNG’ project at the mouth of the Skeena River, and in the Peace River Valley, to object to BC Hydro’s ‘Site C’ dam, which will drown native hunting areas and burial sites.  Continue reading ‘Chiefs Keep Pushing…’