‘Leonard Peltier Is NOT A Political Prisoner’

The push is on for Obama to pardon Leonard Peltier before the U.S. President’s term ends. With that in mind, we offer this backgrounder: 

“Before there was ‘Idle No More’, before the Supreme Court and the overturning of land title, before Caledonia, Ipperwash and Oka, and even before ‘Section 35’, the early 1970s provided the first modern ‘hero’ of the aboriginal rights movement. Leonard Peltier obtained celebrity status worldwide as representative of the injustice and suffering of North American Indians.

There was only one problem with this picture: Leonard Peltier was in reality a thug enforcer for the ‘American Indian Movement’ (A.I.M.) — and a murderer, to boot. Grab a coffee and settle in for the made-for-tv saga: The fabricating of an Indian ‘legend’…  Continue reading ‘Leonard Peltier Is NOT A Political Prisoner’


‘Aboriginal Gangs Terrorize B.C. Community’

“At least three ‘First Nations’ gangs with roots in nearby reserves are at war in and around Williams Lake, B.C., a small ranching and lumber town in British Columbia’s Central Interior.

“…Williams Lake lies in a scenic valley surrounded by a sweeping landscape that features Tweedsmuir Provincial Park to the west and Wells Gray Provincial Park to the east. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA“It may look like paradise but some ugly social undercurrents are surfacing, as gangs known as the ‘712’, ‘Indian Outlaws’ and ‘Chilcotin Rebel Warriors’ clash over drugs, money and revenge. The violence has flared on reserves such as Soda Creek and Anaham, leaving native leaders in despair. Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Gangs Terrorize B.C. Community’

‘Aboriginal Gangs Appropriating Black American Culture’

‘Alberta’s Blood Tribe police warn violence between gangs on the rise near ‘Methbridge’

“…The ‘Bloods’ and the ‘Crips’, who are not affiliated with the Los Angeles street gangs, began their long-standing feud on the Blood Tribe, a sprawling ‘First Nation’ southwest of Lethbridge.

“Over the past year and a half, members of these gangs have become increasingly involved in the illicit drug trade on the reserve and in nearby Lethbridge, said Const. Drew Kanyo of the ‘Blood Tribe Police Service’.  Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Gangs Appropriating Black American Culture’

‘Mohawks Using Race Based Law To Shelter Organized Crime’

‘Police Target Biker-Mohawk Criminal Organization’

“The ‘Surete du Quebec’ say nearly 60 arrests were made Wednesday morning, targeting biker gangs and what they’re calling ‘aboriginal organized crime outfits’, on charges of selling contraband tobacco, drugs, and money laundering. 

“Raids took place in residences and shops, mainly located in the greater Montreal, the Laurentians, Lanaudiere, Monteregie, and on Kahnawake in Quebec, as well as on Six Nations in Ontario.  Continue reading ‘Mohawks Using Race Based Law To Shelter Organized Crime’