Unity4Canada Rewriting the Constitution of Canada with Gerry Gagnon & Michele Tittler


Unity4Canada is a political movement born in 2017 of an insufficient and weak Canadian Constitution, which has left the citizenship with little if no voice, and left our sovereignty open for challenge from influences both inside and outside our borders. With the Globalist “open borders” agenda negatively affecting other parts of the world, no time is better than now to invite Canadians into this conversation for change. We have a vital need to rewrite the Constitution of Canada to reflect and protect our Canadian values, and we have to have a conversation about what those collective values are. Let’s make the next 150 years even better.



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‘Anglican Karma?’

For years, the Anglican Church of Canada has been loudly and proudly proclaiming their support for ‘indigenous self-determination’. Now, ‘indigenous’ bishops in the church are refusing to go along with the church’s support for ‘same-sex’ marriage. They are trying to use their U.N.-created ‘Constitutional right’ to ‘Free, Prior and Informed Consent’ (FPIC) to either force the Anglican Church to reconsider, or create their own ‘self-determined’ ‘indigenous’ branch of the Church…

“The Anglican Church of Canada’s three ‘indigenous’ bishops have blasted their Church’s decision to approve, if only provisionally, changes to the marriage canon which would allow same-sex marriages… Continue reading ‘Anglican Karma?’

The Folly Of ‘Gladue’

“Media reports have described Christine Mequish as “among the most dangerous women in the country”, a convicted killer with a record that includes 25 violent crimes since 1984. Last April, following an armed robbery conviction in La Tuque, Que., the 58-year-old was declared a dangerous offender — just the fourth Canadian woman ever designated as such. 

But while noting her “brutal behaviour” and the likelihood that she will again cause “death, serious abuse or serious psychological harm to other people”, the sentencing judge stopped short of ordering the indeterminate sentence requested by the Crown.

The reason for the lighter sentence: Mequish is an aboriginal Continue reading The Folly Of ‘Gladue’

When will the media talk about native racism?

This is the kind of huge racist abuse people get from natives who use being their race to attack others who are not their race, that the mainstream media refuses, absolutely refuses to cover honestly, while they cater to every complaint if it’s a native blaming Canada for it.

ERBL when will the media talk about native racism-2

To paraphrase, this man says “white” $%&^$# owe him money for his land, and have not paid one red penny since 1492, and it’s all their land, anyway.

(see first comment on Facebook post, or next post, or website for screenshot of racist abuse.)

We, who are not that one race, all pay rent, mortgages, land leases and taxes, and yet this man speaks to people who are total strangers, whom he perceives as “whites”, as if they not only do not belong, have not paid for land, but owe one race forever if we are not the same race, just for existing on the same continent as they do, at the same time. He didn’t pay for land in 1492, none of his ancestors did, they fought for it, and stole it from other tribes for centuries, until Canada was formed. Continue reading When will the media talk about native racism?

Imperial Metals bullied by race supremacists May 27 2016

ERBL race supremacists bullying Imperial Metals 800x800

Imperial Metals shareholders were so bullied by race supremacists at their annual meeting on May 27th 2016 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond B.C., Canada, that it was honestly shocking. A company that’s been in operation for 50 years and owns their mine and have employed so many people, are being attacked. 

‘DECOLONIZATION’ is cultural genocide of Canada


Oh yes we’re going there…

Chiefs who pushed their way into our constitution in 1982, to bully us to ASSIMILATE to their communist dictatorships, when we are a democracy and we vote for our leaders, were pushing cultural genocide onto Canada and her peoples. Continue reading ‘DECOLONIZATION’ is cultural genocide of Canada

Michele Tittler gives it to Perry Bellegarde Chief race supremacist AFN 2016

Michele Tittler gives it to Perry Bellegarde – Chief race supremacist AFN 2016

You are the grand chief of the “Assembly of First Nations” aka, “the gang of UNELECTED race supremacists of various earlier migrant tribes in Canada”, and I, Michele Tittler, am holding you and your elitist gang accountable for inciting hate against Canada, and everyone who is not your race, in particular this so-called “whiteman” you teach your people, (aka your race) to blame, abuse, extort from, discriminate against, TAKE THEIR LAND, and dehumanize. Continue reading Michele Tittler gives it to Perry Bellegarde Chief race supremacist AFN 2016