Unity4Canada Rewriting the Constitution of Canada with Gerry Gagnon & Michele Tittler


Unity4Canada is a political movement born in 2017 of an insufficient and weak Canadian Constitution, which has left the citizenship with little if no voice, and left our sovereignty open for challenge from influences both inside and outside our borders. With the Globalist “open borders” agenda negatively affecting other parts of the world, no time is better than now to invite Canadians into this conversation for change. We have a vital need to rewrite the Constitution of Canada to reflect and protect our Canadian values, and we have to have a conversation about what those collective values are. Let’s make the next 150 years even better.



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‘Race Based Law Not Fair To Anyone’

Lawyers continue to be the main beneficiaries of Race Based Law: 

“The federal ‘Liberal’ government has spent more than $110,000 fighting a ‘First Nations’ {‘descendant of Siberian settlers’} girl in court to block payment for orthodontic treatment that cost just $6,000, according to documents released under the ‘Access to Information Act’ and shared with ‘CBC News’. 

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‘Pushing Native Spirituality In Prison’

“Canada’s federal prisons are paying significantly more each year for ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} spiritual services than for all other religions combined. 

“‘Indigenous’ populations are ‘grossly overrepresented{fairly represented} in the prison population, a systemic issue {Due to bad cultural attitudes}. But statistics show that only five per cent of offenders identify as having “native spirituality”.

“Still, the ‘Correctional Service of Canada’ (CSC) is spending $8 million annually on sustaining spiritual services for those offenders — versus its $6.75 million ceiling for other religions.  Continue reading ‘Pushing Native Spirituality In Prison’

‘Chief Wants More Money’

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day continues his push for a ‘partnership’ in the Ontario economy: 

‘We Need To Be Full Partners in All Future Economic Growth through Treaty, ‘Inherent’ and Land Rights, Says Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day’

“This is the 166th anniversary of the signing of the ‘Robinson Huron Treaty’ {See below}. The lands and waters around Lakes Huron and Superior provided the resources for European settlers to farm, fish, mine and trade with our Peoples. The rich resources of our lands {and all the hard work, ingenuity and investment brought by Europeans and other immigrants from around the world} allowed the future economic growth of what would later become the Province of Ontario and the country of Canada.  Continue reading ‘Chief Wants More Money’

‘Segregated Financing Reaffirmed’

Rather than taking the steps necessary to end institutionalized Segregation and Race Based Constitutional Law, both aboriginal and Canadian political leadership continue to proudly entrench — and finance — racial division, even though it is a stain on our Nation:

“A promise from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last December, and a commitment in the federal budget in May to do away with the two per cent cap on funding for ‘First Nations’, was formalized Tuesday morning July 12 in a memorandum of understanding.

“The ‘MOU’, said Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde in his opening address on the first day of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ annual general assembly,

“will work towards the creation of a new fiscal relationship.”

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‘There Is Already Help Available…’

Aboriginal activists and their ‘allies’ are currently shutting down INAC offices in Toronto, Regina and Winnipeg {offices that provide services to aboriginal people}, and are acting like there is no help available for struggling aboriginals. It’s not like there aren’t already government programs in place {These are in addition to the programs offered to all Canadians}:

“CTV News has compiled this list of resources that are available for ‘First Nations’ people dealing with potentially life-threatening health and mental health issues. Continue reading ‘There Is Already Help Available…’

‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’

“To look at it, it seems like an impressive number but when you break it down to what the needs are, and also what is owed in terms of resources and the land that was taken from our people, it doesn’t really compare…” 

ERBL$8.4Billion--OnlyADeposit800x800“The Liberals’ plan to spend $8.4 billion over five years to improve the lives of ‘indigenous’ people is getting mixed reviews from aboriginal leaders…

“Sheila North Wilson, Grand Chief of the northern Manitoba ‘First Nations’ group, ‘MKO’, called the money only

“a deposit on a historic reset.”

“North Wilson {a former ‘CBC Manitoba’ reporter} told ‘CTV News Channel’ that, compared to “the amount that our communities need and, you know, dreamed about,” the $8.4 billion “is not enough.”  Continue reading ‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’