When will the media talk about native racism?

This is the kind of huge racist abuse people get from natives who use being their race to attack others who are not their race, that the mainstream media refuses, absolutely refuses to cover honestly, while they cater to every complaint if it’s a native blaming Canada for it.

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To paraphrase, this man says “white” $%&^$# owe him money for his land, and have not paid one red penny since 1492, and it’s all their land, anyway.

(see first comment on Facebook post, or next post, or website for screenshot of racist abuse.)

We, who are not that one race, all pay rent, mortgages, land leases and taxes, and yet this man speaks to people who are total strangers, whom he perceives as “whites”, as if they not only do not belong, have not paid for land, but owe one race forever if we are not the same race, just for existing on the same continent as they do, at the same time. He didn’t pay for land in 1492, none of his ancestors did, they fought for it, and stole it from other tribes for centuries, until Canada was formed. Continue reading When will the media talk about native racism?


Protesters, stop using oil

This is my father, Konrad J. Tittler, who did real environmental work, inventing new products and technologies back in the 1970’s to treat lumber and pulp & paper with more environmentally friendly products, and to do water treatment in industry, and for cities and towns down the west coast all the way down to Chili. They cleaned water and treated sewage with their technology.

They cleaned up oil spills, long ago, the technology is not new. Why do protesters not know this?

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Now, at the age of 83, my father just sold his innovative technology to BASF, to clean up the tailings ponds on the oil sands.

To me, the radical protesters and even the “moderates” who are anti-pipeline, are emotionally triggered people who got sucked into somehow thinking THEY cared about the environment because they attacked, blamed and abused the oil industry, and industry as a whole, when MEANWHILE, it’s industry and guys like my dad and all the brilliant talent he pooled, challenged and paid to do amazing things, who DID & DO amazing things without ever going to one protest. Continue reading Protesters, stop using oil

‘Another Tribal Crisis’

The same aboriginal Band that extorted money from Alberta motorists trying to avoid a car accident {see below} is now asking for help:

“The three ‘First Nations’ bands near Morley {Alberta} are in a crisis situation over extremely high rates of prescription drug addictions and overdoses among members.

“With addiction rates surging as high as 60% among adult members of the reserve, Stoney Nakoda has declared a state of emergency.  Continue reading ‘Another Tribal Crisis’

The True Story of ‘The Crying Indian’

“On ‘Earth Day’, 1971, nonprofit organization ‘Keep America Beautiful’ launched what the ‘Ad Council’ would later call one of the “50 greatest commercials of all time”.  Dubbed “The Crying Indian”, the one-minute PSA features a Native American man paddling down a junk-infested river, surrounded by smog, pollution, and trash; as he hauls his canoe onto the plastic-infested shore, a bag of rubbish is tossed from a car window, exploding at his feet. The camera then pans to the Indian’s cheerless face, just as a single tear rolls down his cheek.


“The ad, which sought to combat pollution, was widely successful: It secured two ‘Clio’ awards, incited a frenzy of community involvement, and helped reduce litter… Its star performer, a man who went by the name “Iron Eyes Cody”, subsequently became the “face of Native Indians”, and was honored with a star on Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’.

“Advertisers estimate that his face, plastered on billboards, posters, and magazine ads, has been viewed 14 billion times, easily making him the most recognizable Native American figure of the century.

“But while Hollywood trumpeted Iron Eyes Cody as a “true Native American” and profited from his ubiquitous image, the man himself harbored an unspoken secret:

he was 100% Italian.  Continue reading The True Story of ‘The Crying Indian’

‘More Pipeline ‘Consultation’

“No, said the woman. She could not support the proposed oil pipeline expansion. If approved by the federal government, the ‘Trans Mountain Expansion Project’ “will kill people”, she declared inside a Chilliwack hotel meeting room filled with like-minded locals — most of whom nodded their heads and applauded.

“It was the latest in a series of public roundtables, organized in a hurry by the federal government, a last-minute chance for people to share their views and opinions about ‘Kinder Morgan Canada’s…oil pipeline expansion proposal.


“The afternoon hours were reserved for local ‘First Nations’ speakers {segregated hearings?}, some of whom questioned both the ‘Kinder Morgan’ proposal and the round-table hearing. Why, they wondered, was the Chilliwack meeting convened with such little notice? Why were the ‘First Nations’ given so little time to prepare?

{They were given the same amount of time to prepare as everyone else! As our earlier post points out, this second panel was hurriedly convened mainly because some aboriginals hadn’t bothered to participate the first time around and were now threatening to go to court because they hadn’t been ‘consulted’:  Continue reading ‘More Pipeline ‘Consultation’

‘Who Owns British Columbia?’

“We, the {1,381} Musqueam people openly and publicly declare and affirm {to the 3 million people of the Vancouver Lower Mainland} that we hold aboriginal title to {your} land and ‘aboriginal rights’ to exercise use of {your} land, the sea and fresh waters, and all their resources within that territory occupied and used by our ancestors…”

“Vancouver city council formally acknowledged on June 25, 2014 that the land on which the city is built actually belongs to three local ‘First Nations’.

“But landowners shouldn’t worry, according to Mayor Gregor Robertson.” 

Rather than accept the Mayor’s assurances, we at END RACE BASED LAW would like to ask: what exactly does “aboriginal title” mean? Does the city support this ‘First Nations’ definition:

“We are the true owners of British Columbia. The Indians across the province own everything — the rivers, the trees, the bugs, the animals. You name it. Subsurface rights, the air, the rain, the whole shot. That’s what we mean when we say we have aboriginal title to the land.”

Continue reading ‘Who Owns British Columbia?’

‘The Big Lie Strikes Again’

Governments are now almost constantly holding ‘private’ meetings with aboriginal tribes, often resulting in the giveaway of public lands and finances. There is one Big Lie that governments are using to justify all the secrecy:

{B.C.} Energy Minister Bill Bennett…said Canada’s constitution requires negotiations between government and aboriginal groups be “Nation to nation”, meaning not subject to public consultation.”

{Of course, he didn’t quote the relevant section BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST. How stupid do these people think we are? There is NO MENTION of ‘Nation-to-nation’ in the Constitution! Both Sections 25 and 35 refer to ‘aboriginal peoples’ — a sociological category — NOT ‘nations’. For more, see below…}  Continue reading ‘The Big Lie Strikes Again’