‘Unity 4 Canada T-shirts’

T-shirts are here!
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There are 3 different logos
-Unity 4 Canada

Each logo has 3-4 placements on all the items so you can choose between a large or small logo on the centre front, a pocket logo, or a logo on the back.

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‘Racial Arrogance Trumps Property Rights’

“The “Colonialism No More” group, {illegally} camped out in front of the ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs Canada’ (‘I’NAC) Office in Regina, is being asked to move their {colonial} tents.

“Sue Deranger, a member of the rally, says the owner of the building and the property manager both approached the group and informed them they would like to landscape the space they are currently {illegally} camping on.

“Personally, I don’t think we need to leave. We’re not protesting the land owner. Our issue is with ‘I’NAC, the tenant… You can walk down the sidewalk, you can get in the door. We’re not blocking anything and in fact everything but the tipi is off their property line.

Said Dwayne Anderson, the developer of the building,

“They were asked to get rid of six or seven tents that don’t look clean. (The tents) don’t look appealing and they are a fire hazard but they’re welcome to leave their tipi.

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‘Promoting A Lie’

“It’s time for the politically-incorrect truth to be told. In short, THE SIX NATIONS HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE LAND IN QUESTION, AND HAVE HAD NONE FOR OVER A CENTURY.”

Here is a fellow, trying to ‘do the right thing’, who would have been better served by staying at home and catching up on his reading – particularly the history of this region. Instead, he is foolishly spending his time promoting a lie:

“Ken Wilson grew up on what some {aboriginals} believe is stolen property {Long before the British let the Mohawks come and live on the ‘Haldimand Tract’, their Mohawk ancestors had stolen this land from another tribe (see below) and in turn, had it stolen from them. Then, the British bought it — the first people to actually NOT steal the land…}.

“Everyone who lives near the Grand River or on the Haldimand Tract, a 300-kilometer stretch of land from Dundalk to Port Maitland including Kitchener, Cambridge, Brant, Brantford and Haldimand, lives on the ‘Haldimand Tract’, a land that is under dispute as {spurious} land claims from the ‘Six Nations’.  Continue reading ‘Promoting A Lie’

‘Pro-Oil ‘First Nations’ On The Offensive’

“‘First Nations’ that rely on oil and gas extraction for the economic well-being of their communities say it is time that their voices were heard as loud and as often as those that stand in opposition to resource development.

“One aboriginal energy advocacy group is organizing a conference, to take place in the fall, that would bring together ‘indigenous’ leaders, industry executives and government representatives to discuss ways to collaborate on future projects, especially pipelines.  Continue reading ‘Pro-Oil ‘First Nations’ On The Offensive’

‘Race-Based Control Of Resources?’

‘One in six ‘First Nations’ vows to block pipelines; all claim veto power’ 

“More than 130 ‘First Nations’ {leaders} are dead-set against pipeline and energy development, Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde said Tuesday.

{Would the tribal members also be opposed if it meant no more electricity for their reserves? Where do they expect the power to come from, without any ‘energy development’?}

The rest are demanding an ‘absolute veto’ over any proposed developments before they’ll even begin negotiations with governments and energy companies. And if that slows Canadian energy development to a crawl, so be it.  Continue reading ‘Race-Based Control Of Resources?’

‘Moving is the only hope’

Institutional racism continues to not only exist, but is expanding in Canada. One of its ugly manifestations is the segregated ‘reserve’ system; yet, whenever Canada attempts to move forward on this issue, it is stifled by reactionary tribal leadership:

“The Assembly of ‘First Nations’ regional Chief for Ontario blasted former ‘Liberal’ Prime Minister Jean Chretien for suggesting some northern ‘First Nations’ may have no other hope left except to move away.  Continue reading ‘Moving is the only hope’

‘What Else Is New…?’

“A British Columbia ‘First Nation’ has launched a court challenge to overturn the ‘National Energy Board’s recommendation that the federal cabinet approve the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline expansion.

“The Squamish ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,600 people}, whose {claimed} ‘traditional territories’ span a large swath of B.C.’s south coast {they claim a long-gone ‘traditional territory’ of 2,600 sq. miles}, filed an application for judicial review on Thursday in Vancouver’s ‘Federal Court of Appeal’. It seeks to quash the NEB’s decision and refer it back for reconsideration.

“The ‘nation’ asserted in the documents that the NEB had an obligation to determine whether the Canadian government discharged its ‘duty to consult’ and, if necessary, ‘accommodate’ {‘grease the palms of’} the Band.  Continue reading ‘What Else Is New…?’