“…communities are at different stages in terms of their own ‘deconstruction’ or ‘decolonizing’”, said Wilson Raybould.

“Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says she will work “one community at a time” to develop a “reconciliation framework.”

“That framework would work with ‘First Nations’ on a ‘Nation-to-nation’ basis {all 630-plus of them} and get out from under the ‘Indian Act’.  Continue reading ‘Nation-to-nation?’


‘Defying Canada’

“Canadian aboriginal groups and their allies said…they ‘have the power’ to block proposed oil pipelines on land where they have ‘proven title’, dismissing comments by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau {and the Supreme Court} , who said no community has a veto. 

“Trudeau told ‘Reuters’…that unanimous consent is not needed for the government to approve pipeline projects to bring Canadian oil to market, even as he pledged consultation with aboriginals and environmentalists who oppose projects.  Continue reading ‘Defying Canada’

Imperial Metals bullied by race supremacists May 27 2016

ERBL race supremacists bullying Imperial Metals 800x800

Imperial Metals shareholders were so bullied by race supremacists at their annual meeting on May 27th 2016 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond B.C., Canada, that it was honestly shocking. A company that’s been in operation for 50 years and owns their mine and have employed so many people, are being attacked. 

From New Zealand: ‘What’s A Wigger?’

“Racism occurs where a group of prejudiced individuals get together to create a system affording them separate, different, or superior rights to everyone else on the basis of group membership.”ERBLLettersFromNewZealand600x600“A ‘wigger’ is someone who reflexively rats out their own race and culture for the warm glow that comes from lining up with supposedly “oppressed” peoples. Continue reading From New Zealand: ‘What’s A Wigger?’

‘DECOLONIZATION’ is cultural genocide of Canada


Oh yes we’re going there…

Chiefs who pushed their way into our constitution in 1982, to bully us to ASSIMILATE to their communist dictatorships, when we are a democracy and we vote for our leaders, were pushing cultural genocide onto Canada and her peoples. Continue reading ‘DECOLONIZATION’ is cultural genocide of Canada

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal accommodates race bullying of lawyer

It doesn’t get any more hypocritical, ironic, and alarming than a native bringing a “whiteman” lawyer up on charges with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal for posting a disclaimer on his website to let people know he wrote essays about the ‘Indian Act’ in Canada. Lets be clear, this is not a legitimate discrimination charge, the native man filing the complaint was not discriminated against, or refused service — this is a blatant racist bullying abuse to silence a well-known author and critic of the “Indian Industry”, and to ruin his life. What else is new? Continue reading Ontario Human Rights Tribunal accommodates race bullying of lawyer

‘A Helping Hand’

‘Oilsands critic lauds companies for helping Fort McKay ‘First Nation’ during Fort McMurray evacuation’

“Dr. John O’Connor is known for raising concerns about the health impact of oilsands development on ‘indigenous’ people.

“But now he is praising those same companies for helping the people of Fort MacKay during the Fort McMurray evacuation. Continue reading ‘A Helping Hand’