‘FASD is the ‘new face of Nunavut (and Manitoba)’

“A young Iqaluit man suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or FASD, will spend three years at a secure residential treatment centre outside Nunavut for committing two robberies in Iqaluit in Feb. 2015.

“That’s from a written decision that Nunavut Justice Neil Sharkey issued Jan. 6, following a hearing held this past Nov. 10…

“And Sharkey agreed with defence lawyer Steven Foulds that FASD is the

“new face of Nunavut.” 


“The defence bluntly and, I think, accurately states that Pauloosie is just one of many more like him”, Sharkey said.

“FASD is the clinical term for a range of permanent mental and physical disabilities suffered by those who were exposed to alcohol inside their mothers’ wombs.  Continue reading ‘FASD is the ‘new face of Nunavut (and Manitoba)’


‘Race Based Taxation in Ontario’

The fiscally-challenged Ontario government has for some time provided an OFF-RESERVE (anywhere in the province) provincial sales tax exemption for anyone with an aboriginal ‘status’ card and, needless to say, it’s being used a lot (No figures are available on what this annually costs the Ontario government and taxpayers). From an Ontario Ministry of Finance page: 

‘Ontario ‘First Nations’ Point-of-Sale Exemptions’

“The Ministry of Finance is experiencing an increase in the number and size of refund applications related to the Ontario HST Refund for ‘First Nations’. Processing of these refund applications is taking longer than the ministry’s service standard of 40 business days. Thank you for your patience as we continue to process these claims in an expedient manner.”  Continue reading ‘Race Based Taxation in Ontario’

‘Burnt Church Back In The News’

One of the Bands that has in the past rejected Canadian sovereignty and law, has been reminded of the facts of life:

‘Esgenoôpetitj ‘First Nations’ chief, council dismissed over vote buying’

“The entire band council of Esgenoôpetitj {Burnt Church} ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,715 people} has been dismissed by a federal cabinet order, after an investigation found evidence of vote buying in the 2014 election.

“It appears that there is credible, corroborated evidence that several candidates engaged in vote buying in connection with this election”, the order-in-council states.

Continue reading ‘Burnt Church Back In The News’

‘Money isn’t Attawapiskat’s problem’

“Let’s be clear — what’s going on in the Northern Ontario ‘First Nation’ of Attawapiskat {a ‘nation’ of less than 2,000 people} is awful – the attempted suicides, the suicide pacts, the decrepit housing and foul water, the chronic unemployment, substance abuse and general despair.

“But let’s be equally clear: a legion of government social workers flown in from down south, visits by consoling cabinet ministers, emergency Parliamentary debates, and a few barge loads more of taxpayer dollars aren’t going to make an ounce of difference.

“Because the problem is neither lack of government, nor lack of other people’s money.  Continue reading ‘Money isn’t Attawapiskat’s problem’

‘Stop The Fraud!’

 “…we refuse to accept that Canada can demand accountability from us…”

‘Monitoring of billions pledged to aboriginals is lacking’ 

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone to great lengths to foster a warm relationship with aboriginals. He has promised to fulfil every recommendation of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’, including an inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women which is expected to cost $40 million alone.

“More recently, aboriginals were among the big winners in the government’s first budget. They’ve been promised an extra $8.4 billion over five years for infrastructure, education and training.

“That’s all well and good, but extra injections of taxpayers’ money should be accompanied by oversight, so Canadians can be certain the funds are being properly spent.  Continue reading ‘Stop The Fraud!’

‘Aboriginals Must Join Canadian Mosaic’

“Not that long ago, it was a common belief that people from aboriginal communities would, over time, merge with the general population. As employment skills were acquired, people would leave reserves and compete for jobs and other benefits with other Canadians.

“That was certainly the belief of the men who wrote the ‘Indian Act’. Reserves, and the demeaning classification of aboriginal people as wards, were to come to a natural end when aboriginal people became a part of the modern community.  

“That kind of thinking is now considered passé — almost quaint. It is now widely believed {at least in our universities} that aboriginal people should remain separate from the general population in self-governing tribal ‘nations’, where they are subject to a separate set of rights and benefits determined at birth by the race of their parents. These tribal ‘nations’ are envisioned as having their own economies. The Indian Act, or something similar, would forever treat aboriginal people differently from other Canadians.  Continue reading ‘Aboriginals Must Join Canadian Mosaic’

‘Aboriginal Support For Gas Pipelines’

“Do we want a better life for our people? Yes, we do. How are we going to get it? Not by sitting here waiting for government handouts.”

‘Two more ‘First Nations’ sign agreements over Prince Rupert pipeline’

“’TransCanada’ says the latest signings bring the total number of project agreements signed on the pipeline to 11.

“The Takla Lake ‘First Nation’ and the McLeod Lake Indian Band have signed project agreements with TransCanada over the ‘Prince Rupert Gas Transmission’ (PRGT) project, the company announced this week.

“Other ‘First Nations’ who have signed on to the project include Doig River, Halfway River and Blueberry River ‘First Nations’ in Northeast B.C., along with the Yekooche , Gitanyow, Kitselas, Lake Babine, Metlakatla and Nisga’a Lisims ‘nations’ along the rest of the pipeline’s proposed route.  Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Support For Gas Pipelines’