‘Manitoba Liberals Pushing for Segregated Legislature’

‘Liberals would set aside at least 10% of Manitoba seats for {so-called} ‘indigenous’ MLAs’

“If Manitoba voters elect a Liberal government, the voting system will be changed and at least 10% of MLAs would be ‘indigenous’.

“Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari announced Thursday at the Manitoba Legislature that the number of seats under proportional representation may increase from the current 57 but whatever the number, 10% would be set aside for ‘indigenous people’, BUT FOR NO OTHER PARTICULAR GROUP.  Continue reading ‘Manitoba Liberals Pushing for Segregated Legislature’


We have no reason to be ashamed

I get a lot of attacks hurled at me, from people who think I am trying to make the natives look bad, so this is a post stepping up to the plate and putting myself in the same light, and same life lessons. I know more than the average person should about alcoholism, control issues, and the perpetual cycle of abuse.

In a microcosm I grew up with so many of the issues I now talk about politically, because the anchor this race blame game depends upon is based on controlling everyone with a set agenda of manipulative brainwashing dialogue, something I had as a child, that I was left on my own to figure out. It was ingrained in us to be “ashamed” of things no one should be ashamed of, and it took a long time to break free from it.

Shame is a powerful tool and it’s being used on Canadians who are not the same race as natives, Continue reading We have no reason to be ashamed

‘Guess Who Likes Two-Tiered Justice?’

This ‘Globe and Mail’ editorial would be humorous if they weren’t offering foolish opinions on such a serious subject:

‘B.C. and other provinces should pursue idea of more ‘First Nations’ courts’

“The ‘Tsilhqot’in National Government’, in British Columbia, is the first instance of a recognition of ‘aboriginal title’ to a territory.

“But aboriginal title is not simply sovereignty or independence from Canada.

{“Not simply”??? Get a grip! It most definitely means NEITHER “sovereignty or independence from Canada”. This misinformation indicates a serious lack of understanding of the subject from the Globe editorial board.

While aboriginal racial nationalists might wish ‘aboriginal title’ to mean “sovereignty or independence”, there is no legal foundation for this statement {See below} – a misconception that encourages anti-Canadian sentiment and delusions of ‘Turtle Island’ among aboriginal activists…}  Continue reading ‘Guess Who Likes Two-Tiered Justice?’

‘Aboriginals Exempt From Alberta Carbon Tax’

“A new report from the ‘Calgary Herald’ reveals that the NDP are exempting…aboriginal Bands and individuals from their new carbon tax…

“If the main goal of the carbon tax is saving the planet from the deadly effects of C02, then why are the NDP exempting anyone? This just makes it clear that the carbon tax is about a wealth transfer and not about mother nature.

“There is another huge problem created by the exemptions the NDP are granting. Exempting Band-owned companies from a carbon tax means they start off with an advantage their competitors don’t have. Band-owned companies will never have to factor the cost of the carbon tax into the goods they produce or the services they provide, placing them at a competitive advantage.

“Just when I thought the NDP’s carbon tax couldn’t get more ridiculous, they’ve gone and made it race based. How about we scrap the whole tax, instead of dividing the business community based on ethnicity?”  Continue reading ‘Aboriginals Exempt From Alberta Carbon Tax’

‘Rewriting Canadian History: Quebec’

Quelle ironie! First, Quebecois nationalists rewrote Canadian history to reflect their bias; now, aboriginal nationalists are doing the same to the history of Quebec: 

“The shortage of aboriginal issues in Quebec’s new high-school history curriculum is “unacceptable”, according to ‘First Nations’ activists…  Continue reading ‘Rewriting Canadian History: Quebec’

‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’

“To look at it, it seems like an impressive number but when you break it down to what the needs are, and also what is owed in terms of resources and the land that was taken from our people, it doesn’t really compare…” 

ERBL$8.4Billion--OnlyADeposit800x800“The Liberals’ plan to spend $8.4 billion over five years to improve the lives of ‘indigenous’ people is getting mixed reviews from aboriginal leaders…

“Sheila North Wilson, Grand Chief of the northern Manitoba ‘First Nations’ group, ‘MKO’, called the money only

“a deposit on a historic reset.”

“North Wilson {a former ‘CBC Manitoba’ reporter} told ‘CTV News Channel’ that, compared to “the amount that our communities need and, you know, dreamed about,” the $8.4 billion “is not enough.”  Continue reading ‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’

‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’

“Alberta wants to develop more? Well, we will be there to stand in the way.”

“Athabasca Chipewyan Chief Allan Adams {leader of a ‘nation’ of 463 people} stormed out of the meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premiers, and ‘indigenous’ leaders on ‘climate change’ in Vancouver on March 2nd, because he said it fell to shambles.

“I think Canada’s in a ‘crisis’ and it ain’t going to get any better now. Canada failed terribly, the provinces failed terribly in regards to addressing this issue”, said an infuriated Adam.

Continue reading ‘Chiefs Demand Say On Climate Change…Or Else’