Calling for an inquiry into race supremacy and native studies

Canada should launch a full inquiry into the overtly racist teachings of native studies, and white privilege.

We have been in a unique position here on our Facebook page, having heard from thousands of natives across Canada, mostly the youth because they are the Internet/computer/iphone generation, but also because they are emboldened with “Native Studies” and “White Privilege Studies”.

The result of this race based blame game, shallow, and even revisionist, history education has been disastrous, especially since they are too often woefully lacking in a more broad academic education. It’s created some of the most limited, tainted, biased, racist, mixed up, hate-filled dialogue anyone could hear.  Continue reading Calling for an inquiry into race supremacy and native studies


“NONS” at Sweats

I WENT TO MY FIRST SWEAT LODGE CEREMONY, and that may not be a big deal to those who have done a lot of them, but it sure is sweet when it’s the first. If you have not had the honour of experiencing it, I strongly suggest you make an effort. I loved it and am going back, IF they have me after this post.

The people who led us through the ceremonies of the day were such wonderful folks, and most of the people who came were new because one man organized the day for his friends, and it turned out we were all a mix from around the world. It was so, so cool, the Chief loved it too, and mentioned it during the ceremony. Really, it was like the United Nations without all that world dominance stuff.

I have a few suggestions, however, and I am hoping the wonderful people I met will take what I say into consideration, especially since I am saying it in the spirit of “reconciliation”, that they stop referring to people as NON anything, whether it be “non-native, non-aboriginal, or non-FN, all dialogue using that term “NON” must stop, promptly, as in at the very next sweat, and from then on in. Continue reading “NONS” at Sweats

‘Backlash Stirring in the Chilcotin’

Canadians are starting to become aware that their Nation is being partitioned along racial lines, without their participation or approval. As more of these court decisions are rendered and Canadians come to realize that their country is being broken into pieces, does anyone really expect that there won’t be a backlash? Nations divided up along racial lines tend to be unhappy and dangerous places, and these reactionary and retrograde decisions are likely to bring big trouble to Canada — trouble that will make this incident fade into obscurity…

From the Chilcotin:
“Recent damage to brand new signage in Nemiah Valley is disheartening, said Xeni Gwet’in Chief Roger William.

“Last week, he learned a welcoming monument and signs on ‘declared title land’ were damaged recently.  Continue reading ‘Backlash Stirring in the Chilcotin’

‘Aboriginal Reserves Sue For $3 Billion’

“Oil-producing Saskatchewan ‘First Nations’ have launched a class-action lawsuit against the ‘Government of Canada’, claiming it mismanaged developing the resources on ‘First Nations’.  

“The class-action lawsuit claims that the federal government owes the ‘First Nations’ an estimated $3 billion, because the government agency that is responsible for protecting their oil and gas resources has allowed the natural resources to be drained away for decades without demanding that ‘indigenous’ communities be compensated…  Continue reading ‘Aboriginal Reserves Sue For $3 Billion’

‘Backroom Deals For Public Lands’

Up until now, the court-ordered expansion of Race Based Law has been most damaging in remote areas of Canada and for most Canadians, it’s been ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. However, urban Canadians are now starting to have to deal with the ugly reality.  

Public lands in Vancouver have been put up for sale by the massively-indebted federal and B.C. governments — lands that could be worth as much as $3 billion — but instead of maximizing the profit for the public good by putting the lands up for bid, the governments have been in secret meetings with three aboriginal Bands for the turnover of the prime real estate.  Continue reading ‘Backroom Deals For Public Lands’

‘Racism Bites: Black Player Barred From Aboriginal Sports Event’

One aspect of aboriginal culture that has remained remarkably free from criticism is aboriginal racism. While Canadian governments at all levels have active ‘anti-racism’ programs, unfortunately, because of political correctness, in Canada there are no government programs to combat aboriginal racism, and it continues to rear its ugly head:

‘Status Indian player barred from All Native sports event — Committee says Josiah Wilson doesn’t have First Nation ‘bloodlines’

“I love basketball,” says Josiah Wilson. “To come after me and tell me I can’t play, that really hurt me. It’s probably the best feeling in the world to be up there at All Native with my cousins, my family, playing basketball with a lot of the different tribes.”

“Organizers of an all-‘First Nations’ sports event in B.C. are being accused of racism and discrimination for benching a status Indian player who is black.

“Organizers of the ‘All Native Basketball Tournament’ say Josiah Wilson can’t compete because he doesn’t have ‘First Nations’ ancestry or “bloodlines”.  Continue reading ‘Racism Bites: Black Player Barred From Aboriginal Sports Event’

‘Missing and murdered aboriginal inquiry a waste of money’

“The federal inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is being labelled as a waste of money by a local advocate in Edmonton.

“That’s what Danielle Boudreau is calling the Liberals campaign promise to spend $40 million to launch an inquiry into the issue which will last two years.  Continue reading ‘Missing and murdered aboriginal inquiry a waste of money’